Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Dog Who Healed A Family edited by Jo Coudert

For anyone who's owned a pet - or has thought about getting one - these are a collection of stories that will touch your heart.  There's the story of Bubba the Javelina that was found on the roadside and brought up as a family pet; until a new next door neighbour thought it was a Wild Boar and called the authorities and had it caught and released into the wild (and the poor thing without a clue on how to look after itself on the outside).  Then, there's Casey, the African Gray Parrot of Pat Myers who was firstly bought as a companion due to Pat becoming ill; then it turned out that - as time went on - she and the bird had a great report with each other.  This was until Pat went on holidays overseas for a while and on her return, Casey wouldn't talk to her; or would he?  

These stories are wonderful and heartfelt.  I can relate to a few bird ones - as I own a budgie - and so I think that anyone who owns an animal of any type would love to read these stories.  There's a few tear-jerkers; so keep the tissues nearby just in case.  Otherwise, this book is worthwhile reading when you have the time on a lazy weekend.

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