Friday, April 1, 2011

Blockade Billy by Stephen King

It's baseball season and the search is on for a catcher that can't let down the team.  However, this isn't your ordinary story.  This is an interview of Blockade Billy; a baseball player whose record has been scratched from history.  He was young, perfectly built, had the best catching average; and could pull down a player faster than anyone they'd seen... but...these players were getting hurt somehow, and nobody knew how.  They couldn't suspect Billy; could they?  He was from a farm out west, had the innocent blonde hair and blue eyes of a country boy... and the strength and stamina of the very player they were looking for.  Yet, the coach felt there was something wrong; something he just couldn't put his finger on... not until it was too late.
This is a book I found at the Angus & Robertson 75% off Closing Down Sale; well, okay, Mum found it and showed me.  It's a brand new book from Stephen King; and it's some of his best novella writing I've come across in a long time!  I've never watched a baseball game, but this first story (of two) had me hanging on every word until the very bloody end.  The next story, 'Morality' is just as dreadful; and it's about the human conscience and guilt and how far you'd go for money.  What is moral and what isn't.  Both these stories are most definitely something every Stephen King reader must get their noses into.

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