Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book-Friendly Neighbours

Isn't it wonderful when you have neighbours who know you enjoy the written word?  I definitely do.  Yesterday, I was on my way to the post office and walked past one unit where a Grandmother lives with her family, Betty is her name.  She was sitting out in her carport having a smoke and taking in some fresh air when I greeted her with a good morning.  She sat up eagerly and said: "Just the person I'm looking for!  We've got a bag of books for you!" and gestured to the side door of their unit.  I walked over and found a massive, heavy-duty paper bag full of books!  I was amazed to find they were all modern books with great titles such as 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' by Stieg Larsson, 'The Jester' by James Paterson & Andrew Gross, 'Dead Man's Dance' by Robert Ferrigno, 'The Wild' by Esther Freud and two Allison DeBois books as well as a biography by Ruth Cracknell.  All up, there are twenty-one books covering quite a few genres; from mystery-thrillers, to biography to animals.  All of them have been read and now I've got them, I'm looking forward to reading them and handing them onto another fellow reader.
I do love it when a collection of books sees their way to me; and I find out what people have been reading.  Some people have a wide variety - like this person did - and others stick to just one genre.  However, it's a nice, good and cheap way of obtaining books without spending a cent on them.  Until my next post, Happy Reading!


  1. Hey! Are theere any apartments or houses for rent in your neighborhood? Those are some AWESOME neighbors you have!! Lol.

  2. Not currently. However, I've been here for 8 1/2 years and everyone has become very used to seeing me sitting out the front of my unit reading a book in the afternoons in Winter; or cooling off in my carport in Summer in a deckchair with a bottle of cranberry juice and a pile of books next to me. :)

  3. Well, it WOULD be a major move for

    I see you know what "the good life" is all about!! Enjoy!! : )