Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Currently Reading

I know I have what I'm currently on the side bar; however sometimes my interests wonder off in different directions; causing me to chop and change which books I'm reading over time and then come back the others I've written down previously.  The books I've been reading lately are:

'Star-Begotten' by H.G Wells.  This is a the first UK Publication of this book; with the stamp inside from a flea market to prove it; and it's a second edition.  I have been trying to keep my interest in this book; however it's waning as I go along as it's turned from interestingly charming to a dull narrative about a man and his life.  I'm up to page 36 and am very tempted to put it down;  and I may yet do so soon if it doesn't pick up soon.
'The Mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley is one very thick book I've been attempting to read for a third time now; and with the other two bookmarks still in it, it's a little wonder I haven't just tossed this one on the the Available pile for Bookcrossing and thought: 'why bother?'.  Well, for one thing, it's an Arthurian Legend book; and it's about the women who influenced King Arthur, and not really the other things that people have written about him.  So, that's why I keep going back to this book.  I'm up to page 55; and intend to keep going.  I want to know why people say it's one of the best books they've read.

'The Book of Tomorrow' by Cecilia Ahern is a book I don't know anything about.  It was bought as an impulse buy a few months back at The Book Warehouse at Springwood for around $7.00 and it's written from a teenager's point of view.  It's a light, chick-lit book; and ideal for me to read just before bed.  So, I'm hoping to pick at it over time and finish it.  I'm up to page 27.
The David Suzuki book is still up to the same page as I was before; being a non-fiction book, I always find it hard to read them.  And so, his book will take time to finish.  this is why I've picked up other fictional novels to read as I'm reading 'Metamorphosis: Stages in a Life'.  I'm almost halfway through it; which is good going for me.

So, which books are you reading; and where are you up to in them?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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