Saturday, December 21, 2013

Prompting Us Along!

At this time of year, I try not to go out too much, it's just too dangerous to be out on the roads.  People are in such a hurry to get out and do their last minute Christmas Shopping.  So, this gives me a chance to get in and do stuff around the house - or stuff-all around the house.  

Yeah, I'm a lazy kinda person, but I do enjoy writing and reading.  And so, I've been looking through my collection of books this week and found that a lot of things in my little library of books prompt me to write.  However, there were only a few books that really hit home which prompt me to get in and write properly.

'On Writing' by Stephen King was the first book where a writer actually sat down with us all and told us what to say, what not to say and how to work out our 'toolboxes' properly.  I had most of what I needed in my toolbox, but there were a few little thing still missing which were filled out by Steve... thanks, mate!  You're a fantastic writer and I'm working on my next book soon.

'The Writer's Idea Book' by Jack Heffron.  Now, if you're lucky-enough to own a copy of this book, well, don't ever let it go!  I've heard it's out of print and the publishing company he went with folded; however, you can buy it from e-bay for between $3 - $8... now, that's a bargain!  But I do recommend every writer does get a copy in their hot little hands to improve their writing as it's filled to the brim with prompts to help you with anything you're trying to work with!

'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron.  Now, I love this book so much I hunted down an earlier edition for my niece, Riley, for her.  I told her that I used it and thought she'd like to use some of the techniques in it to help her with her art; and she was so happy I bought it for her.  Now, this book helps clear you mind of crap you're currently thinking about to bring forward the good stuff you need to work on.  It's great to do that... and it'll work hand in hand with 'The Writer's Idea Book'... not a bad connection to have with these two books.  But if I was given the choice of which to take on holidays with me, I'd pick 'The Writer's Idea Book' each time as it's so useful anywhere you are.

So, which books are great prompts for you when you're writing.  Or have you collected books that are great in other ways and nobody has?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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