Monday, December 30, 2013

Two for the Price of One!

Okay!  Here we go!  I'm going to type this as fast as I can, because I'm working off a piddly piece of crap wi-fi here at Brunswick heads at the caravan park...

First off the ranks for reviews this holiday is 'The Wastelands' by Stephen King.  What a volume!  This is the third book of the Dark Tower Series and King kept me enthrawled again with this large volume of Roland Gilead's ventures as he and his crew walks along the beam towards the Dark Tower.  Eddie Dean and Suzannah are with him again and young Jake finds his way back to the three through a porthole - and at the same time, they find their way through to him through the same doorway!  What a spinner that was! 
Once they're all reunited, they find a dog - a Billy Bumbler - which can be taught to talk by humans, and Jake bonds with it and calls him Oy.  So, with the dog along, this crew is growing to a nice posse.  They all begin to walk across the wastelands to the mountains.

However, there's a city of Lud they come across - and have been warned about.  From a distance, drums beat at night.  The city lights up its buildings; and there's a rumour about a train called Blaine.

But as Roland, Eddie Dean, Suzannah and Jake approach Lude, it seems uninhabited... or is it?

The next book I read is a total opposite to a Stephen King book.  It's a romance novel by the girls at The Romance Bandits.  It as free and I thought to read it to see how they all went in a joint publication.

'A Grosvenor Square Christmas' by Anna Campbell, Shana Galen, Vanessa Kelly & Kate Noble. It's Christmas in London in the 1800's and Lady Lucy Winterson's Christmas Ball are the place to be on Christmas Eve.  Within the walls of No.3 Grosvenor Square, a great many wishes, dancing, romance and miracles happen around Christmas.  And with a host like Lucy throwing these Christmas Balls, who knows what will happen from one Christmas Eve to the next?  With the assistance of her dedicated butler, Philbert, Lady Lucy Winterson manages to pull off some wonderfully romantic things for everyone... however, is there romance in the air for her?

This wonderfully-produced and written book is something too precious not to review.  I'm not normally one to read romance, but this has a special feel to it... and seeing it was a free download off iTunes, I'm happy to say it is a great success in how the four authors have pulled together their imaginations and stories.  Even if you don't read romance, read it for just the excitement of knowing there's somebody out there for everyone.

So, there you go, guys!  Two reviews for this holiday... phew!  There's some fast typing there, the keyboard here is smokin'!  Only kidding! Until my next post, happy reading!

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