Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Book Buys!

Last month, I bought a couple of books, but I didn't keep track of when I bought them.  That's strange of me, but then, I have been very busy with new work and new stock with my hobby business.  And I've also been away from the house at my brother's house too.

So, here are the two books I purchased while I was all around the place:

There was 'Robin Williams' by Andy Dougan.  This is a biography written about this great man in 1998.  I bought it for $10.00 at The Really Good Book Shop at Browns Plains soon after Robin's passing.  I wanted to read about him.  And seeing I have only one movie about the man, I'm going to build a collection of his movies too.

Then, there was a hot and heavy romance book 'Blush' by Opal Carew.  I haven't read this author before, but from the reviews, the stories are wonderfully, well, hot!  With a hot pink cover of two people intertwined with each other, I'm sure I'm in for a real treat!  

Well, that's all there was in the month of August for book-buying.  How was your month in this way?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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