Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Fire Trap

On Saturday, I had a family get-together for an early birthday party here at my place.  It was combined with Mum and Dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary on the same day... and it turned out great!

During the day, my brother, Gabe and I walked around my place and I showed him a few things he hasn't seen - as he hasn't been here for a long time.  We walked into my home office and he looked around, calling it a 'fire trap' jokingly.  However, I said it was a library, he still called it a fire trap.

So, does your family call your book collection anything but what it is?  Or do they have other names for it - like my brother does?  I'm a traditionalist and love my books and collecting them is something that I enjoy doing; so it's just something I don't think I'll ever get out of the habit of throughout my life.  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Most people are positive about my book collection. I've only had one acquaintance who made an off hand comment that they thought I was a book hoarder. But then again they aren't a book reader, so I'm sure that any collection of books would seem like hoarding to them.

    1. Isn't it strange how different people see a collection in different ways? But then, my brother does have a lot of his books on a Kindle... so, I think he'd see a traditional book collection as a waste of space in a house; whereas you and I wouldn't.

      I just love the feel of books and the smell of them too. :D

    2. I love the smell and feel of books too.... And I love my eBooks and audiobooks too!! eBooks & audiobooks are fabulous when traveling.

      I think I've listened to more books this year so far than read books, which is a first for me.