Friday, July 31, 2015

July Book Buys!

This month has been diverse and fun in the way of book purchases; in the way that I bought books I really want to read instead of ones that I might read at some point in the future.

Yes, I'm one of those book collectors.

Well, the first book I bought was at my craft group and it was 'A Prisoner of Birth' by Jeffrey Archer. Now the blurb on the back of this book sounded great and so I grabbed this book for this reason; not because I'm a huge fan (which I'm not). And I've been past his house while I was holidaying in the UK.... and what a house he owned at that time! Well, before he had to sell it to pay for legal fees.

The second book was received through the mail - 'Coffee House Lies' by Carly Berg. It was a Bookcrossing bookray I have taken part in of flash fiction... now when it comes to short fiction, I really savour it and take my time reading it. I love to enjoy these books. So, I'm one of those who will probably take about a month to read something that will take about two weeks to read for somebody else. And being an author of flash fiction - creepy flash fiction - I find this book of light work refreshing.

I got my third book, 'Immortal Espionage' by Debbie Behan off the author herself for $20 at my writer's group. I'm up to page 50 and am savouring this book totally. I've proofread a bit of this book, so have been able to know how some of it goes; however, up until around the part of where I'm up to is all I got up to... after this, I'm on my own.

There's one Stephen King book I didn't own until around two weeks ago. 'Lisey's Story' was the book; and I had heard mixed reviews about it... really mixed reviews. So, when I found this book in a box at my craft group, in amongst a collection of Stephen King books I had already read and collected), I just had to have it. So, I scratched together $2.00 and bought it. Now, it's sitting on my shelf - along with 5 other Stephen King books - waiting for me to open its pages, waiting for me to read it.

So, there you go... my book buys this month!  How did you go this month? Did you buy books just for the sake of buying them or did you buy books you have been hankering for for years? Until my next post, happy reading.

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