Friday, September 4, 2009

The Cool Parents' Guide to New York by Alfred Gingold and Helen Ragan

If you've ever traveled with children, you'll know it can be either fantastic fun or pure hell. Well, traveling around the Big Apple is no different; and this sweet little book makes doing just that a whole lot easier for you! This book covers everything your kids would ever want to do; and you'll also find the outings fun as well. From Chinatown to Metropolitan Museum of Art to inline skating by the Hudson River, this book will take you and your family all over New York City in the name of fun for all around. And not one of you will say they're bored. This book makes things much easier for you with mud maps, addresses, websites, phone numbers and pretty much anything else you'd need to make getting to your destination a cinch! It has suggestions for meals, lunches and light snacks too. So, while you're planning your next trip to The Big Apple with your family, hunt down this book as well and pack it into your suitcase (buy two in case your kids are conflicted on what they want to do and both of you need to split up in the name of keeping the peace! Also, then you won't get lost when you meet up again later on).

Alfred Gingold grew up in New York City and studied theatre and English at Cornell University. He has worked as a director, actor, and teacher in New York and further-flung localities. Today he lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son and their dog, George. Alfred Gingold has written for numerous publications, including Esquire, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, My Generation, The New Republic, The New York Times, New York Woman, Travel & Leisure, Worth and, of course, Queste, the journal of Rolls Royce owners. “Don’t Ask,” his humor column on the Prodigy Internet Service, was named one of the ten funniest sites of 1996 by Yahoo Internet Life. He covered the Westminster Dog Show for Slate in 2002.

I haven't found that much about Helen Rogan; except that she is in the publishing world. There's no mention of an official website or any biography I'm afraid. So, I'm sorry to say that I'll keep on searching for you guys until I find something about her.

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