Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Bella Swan has made a major decision: she's going to live with her Dad in Forks. Forks is a small town far away from Arizona where she is used to the brilliant sunshine, being at a massively-populated high school and pretty much in amongst a huge city. When she arrives, she realises she may have made a big mistake; but she wants to get to know Charlie - her Dad, who's the police Chief of Forks. And so, Bella begins school, puts up with the slow dial-up internet and the huge, noisy truck that almost dies when she pushes it to go over 50 miles an hour. A guy at school catches her eye. He's tall, beautiful and has the most gorgeous topaz eyes; but he won't give her the time of day. Edward Cullen notices her in a heartbeat, and finds from day one, he's forever rescuing her from herself; or is it something else?

After all the hype about how great this book was and how brilliantly written, I began hearing how much like 'popcorn for the mind' it was also. So, like any teenaged vampire series, I decided not read it. However, fate changed that when my parents came across some poor person's birthday gift scattered across the parking lot of a park one afternoon; and this book was amongst the notebooks and stickers. So, of course, I took it in and put it onto my shelves; not thinking much of it at the time - until I received a parcel in the mail with 'New Moon' inside it with other books also. So, I folded and read this book. By the end, I felt very let down. Yes, I zoomed through in a week; but it didn't have the big tension I was expecting a vampire novel to have - even if it was for teenagers. I'm afraid to say, but I have read better.

Stephenie Meyer graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English Literature and now lives with her husband and three sons in Glendale, Arizona.


  1. Oh, poor kid! (I mean the one who lost her birthday present, not Bella.)

  2. Yeah... I feel horrible for the present-less birthdayer! Even worse for the friend who probably felt humiliated standing there "Oh I SWEAR I brought you a present... where'd it go!?!?"

    Yeah... I haven't read Twilight. I've heard enough from my (rabid fangirl) friends to know I would hate it, and most likely create some sort of altar to sacrifice it on.... haha.