Friday, September 4, 2009

Childhood by Bill Cosby

I love reading Bill Cosby's books. He's a funny man and knows how to make me laugh; and this one made me laugh just as much as 'Time Flies'. This book covers his territory of humour. The way it's written feels as though you're sitting with him and he's telling you a story over a cup of coffee; it's absolute Cosby from beginning to end.
He tells unforgettable stories about all kinds of things from his heroic quest for Spanish Fly and his day as a school crossing guard - when he fell dizzily in love that he almost waved his heartthrob under a bus to comic insights about kids today. He also covers the antics of the smaller ones and how funny they can be from that innocent age of bad table manners, coping with the death of his childrens' pets and his own days spent smoking in the boys' room; out playing street football; then lusting after Wonder Woman back at home.
This is definitely worth a read and a good giggle. I read this wonderful book when I need a good laugh and pick-me-up; and I highly recommend it.

I've reviewed another of Bill Cosby's books here and have included a link to his website on the sidebar. Feel free to go to it and find out more about him.

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