Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Van Gogh by Josephine Cutts & James Smith

This heavy little book has been an interesting read on and off since I received it some years ago; and I don't have any intention of getting rid of it. This particular European artist has changed the face of nineteenth Century art and painting; however his brilliant skills as an artist were not recognised in his lifetime. Van Gogh was a prolific Post-Impressionist artist with a spectacular talent but his illnesses caused his career to be cut short.
This book shows all the aspects of his paintings with a detailed commentary on all 120 of his works; with additional imagery to highlight comparisons and contrasts in his style. Some of these are considered to be his most important pieces; while others are less well-known. But all are uniquely Vincent.

In more recent times, Vincent Van Gogh has been known to have a variety of illness ranging from Epilepsy to Manic Depression (the latter was most probably the cause of his suicide due to the lack of proper medications and diagnosis at the time). However, his art will always live on in the hearts and on the walls of art galleries; keeping other people who have these conditions positive that there's always a way to show how they feel through art; just like he did.

I'm unable to find all that much on the net about these two people. However, I will keep looking and - of course - keep you all informed with anything I find regarding their works.
However, I've done one better: I've tracked down the official website for you fans of Vincent Van Gogh and it's now on the sidebar where you find further reading (which I'll have to rename as it's turning into something completely different! hehe). So, there you go. As I'm unable to find the authors, you can join up as a Van Gogh fan online.


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