Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Book Buys

Wow! Another month's gone by so quickly; and I've been out and about purchasing books here and there and everywhere as well! And you'd be surprised what I've been getting onto my shelves lately! Have a gander!

My first purchase this month was at an Adra-Care Store of a few classics. There was 'The Invisible Man' by H.G Wells, 'The Damned and the Beautiful' by F.Scott Fitzgerald, 'Last of the Ranshai' by Mickey Zucker Reichert and 'Heathcliff: The Sequel To Wuthering Heights' by Lin haire-Sargeant; as well as 'The Dream House' by Rachel Hore. Yes. All of these came from a charity store down the road from me and at bargain basement prices too!

Then, I decided to have a 'Name That Painting; Win An Art Book' Competition when I decided to
finish one of my paintings from years ago. So, I found a great art book at QBD as the prize (which will be drawn at the end of January 2010!). It's 'Barrington Barber Drawing Class: Learn to Draw in 12 Lessons'. This was the only brand new book I bought this month... and what a book! Now, QBD have a large range of art books that cater for a wide range of artists from oil painters to chalk pastel artists. So, I thought a drawing book that taught the winner of my competition how to draw from scratch was a good idea (and would help the seasoned artist to practice the techniques they have forgotten).

Then, recently, I purchased a foreign book. It 'The Dark
Half' by Stephen King in German. I bought this little beauty from the 'Bayers Trading Post Pty Ltd' at Redland Bay here in Queensland. This place was on my way to the markets sells some of the most unusual stuff around; and has a good number of books at a very good price! It's worth checking out. The link to their site in on the sidebar.

So, there you have it! This month's purchases... not a bad lot of books, eh? Well, until next month. Happy Reading and I hope you keep looking for bargains as much as I do!


  1. Good buys! While I love the Wells and Fitzgerald covers I must admit to a bit of curiosity about Heathcliff. I love Wuthering Heights, but anyone's attempt at a sequel makes me nervous. Have you read it?

  2. I haven't read the sequel, but it made me just that little bit curious about what happens with Heathcliff.