Friday, November 20, 2009

Just After Sunset by Stephen King

Each story in this book has one thing in common: they all happen within a time span of just after sunset. That is the time between the sun dipping below the horizon, the streetlights coming on and the daytime creatures and night creatures switching shifts... yeah, you know the time. And Stephen King has thought about that time and written up a good lot of stories that are guaranteed to keep you up well past your bedtime reading them; then make you rethink about turning off your light.

I bought this book some time ago and immediately read some of the stories. However, I didn't go from beginning to end; I read them all over that place - picking and choosing the ones that had interesting titles. Now, this isn't how I normally read short story books; and I'm glad I decided to read it this way because it gave me a great idea at how good this book is. The further I got into it, the creepier the stories got! So, if you like to gradually get scared more little by little, this is definitely the book for you!

Stephen King is the one of the best-selling writers and story-tellers of our generation. He's been scaring the life out of us since the early 1970's with such favourites as 'The Stand', 'IT', 'Carrie' and 'Christine'. His more recent works have still pulled the same fans ('Hearts of Atlantis', 'Bag of Bones', 'From A Buick 8' and 'Cell') and doesn't intend to stop writing. He lives in Bangor, Maine with his wife, Tabitha. His official website is on the sidebar for more information.


  1. I haven't read this one. I just bought Under the Dome - but it is soooo big it is very intimidating and I have so many other books to read. LOL. I'm now following you from Bookblogs on Ning. Stop by and say hi. Love the bird BTW. Parajunkee

  2. Whenever SK puts out a new book, I'm always up to read it! My older brother started out at the SK fan of the household and I ended up being the biggest fan out of the two of us.

    And the little bird is my darling Stevie. She's my pet budgie; and has been in my life for 4 1/2 years now. She's just the sweetest little thing.

    I've been reading reviews about 'Under The Dome' and can't wait to get my nose into it over Christmas - well - when I get home from the coast as I try to read lighter stuff when I'm there.

  3. This book sounds sooo good! SK was the first "grown up" book I read. It was 6th grade "Eyes of the Dragon." Awe, good times!

    Happy Reading!

  4. I am starting my very first Stephen King tonight 'The Girl who loved Tom Gordon'

    BTW saw you on Book Blogs

  5. MarceJ, you'll love that one; it's a good introduction to his work. I think I've done a review on that book (just click on the horror section in the sidebar, scroll down and you'll find it there). I've read a lot of SK since I was 16 and this book was one of his first thin books that came after 'Carrie'.