Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Commitment Problems All Fixed!

As a big reader, I have times where I just can't concentrate on my reading or writing; and things have to just be left alone.  Unfortunately, I've been having one of those times.  I hate it, and it causes me not to be able to do the reviews I love to write, but it does happen (and you've all probably noticed it this month that there's not that many reviews showing up as well).  

But, about a week ago, two books showed up in the mail and I began reading one of them and haven't stopped... now I'm halfway through it!  I'm so proud that I've stopped getting bored with a book once I've begun it within a few chapters; however it does happen to the best of us doesn't it?  And it's been a few years since I've had a dry spell from reading so many books.
So, this got me wondering how many of you guys have had this little - yet problematic - thing happen to you and how long has it kept you from reading your favourite books.  Has it lasted a few weeks or a few months?  And did you ever figure out what caused it?  I never know the problems or worries that stop me from reading for extended periods of time; it just occurs suddenly; but it does bother me.  Fortunately, it's not going to happen anymore.


  1. I find that when I read a few not-that-great books in a row that I end up not wanting to read for awhile. Sometimes I will specifically seek out a trusted reading friend for a recommendation to bring me out of my rut. Or I will read short stories as a jumping off point since short stories are much less of a time commitment.

  2. Hi Mozette...
    I have sporadic times like you. I must say that since I started reviewing it's worse! I feel a sense of duty to keep going and keeping on track with that stack of ARCs and it seems like it makes me rush through, and I'm not enjoying as much. It's tough! I've made a new resolution this last week, though, and that is I put my ARCs away out of sight and also try journaling a little about what I am reading to keep motivated. I like the idea of using short stories as a jumping off point. Love your blog!

  3. Amy,

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that suffers from this problem - and you're also a blogger! - and yes, it feels as though we have to keep reading a lot to keep up appearances for our followers. However, I'm glad to say that I'm reading a little of this and that right now; and so I'm not so stressed out to read just one book at a time anymore. And I'm so happy you're enjoying the blog. :D

    Reading the Romance, I've been wanting to read some short stories, however, I gave some of my short story books to my Mum recently and so she's got them... bummer. I'll have to get them off her soon. :D It's a good idea to get myself into the reading mood again.