Sunday, March 14, 2010

Library Book Cull - Update

I thought to let you all know what I've been doing with the culled library books that came my way last month. Well, I spent two hours one night cleaning them, sorting them and picking out the good ones from the bad. Then, I threw out the ones that weren't going to make it in the hands of any new owners and organised the boxes of books that I wanted to take to a charity of my choice. This charity was The Endeavour Foundation. It helps people with disabilities by selling items, clothes and furniture that people have donated. I often give my unwanted things to them... and in this case, they were entire series of learn to read books, non-fiction books and other kinds of texts that would be useful to children who may have reading difficulties.

With the books that I found were in good condition, I have registered some on Bookcrossing and have made a year-long giveaway of it. There has been plenty of interest from all over the world from India to Finland to the United States and Canada; as well as around my own home country of Australia. I've even sent some of the books to my darling ten-year-old niece who loves horses and fantasy novels; and she was thrilled to have received a parcel in the mail (something she never gets normally).

However, I know that I'll probably be still left with some books; even when this whole giveaway is finished. But I don't mind. I'll be using the generosity of Bookcrossing to hand out those remaining books to other BCers through parcels and gifts and other ways too; such as wild releasing

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