Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Book Buys 2010

Well, like last month, I've been very good with my book purchasing.  This month I've only bought three books.  Okay, you may be wondering what the heck I'm doing with the left over money... well, it's not that I don't want to buy books - quite the contrary - I do.  It's just that like everything else in life, things have become more expensive.  So, I'm reading more of the books from my own bookshelves and not purchasing as many unless one really does catch my eye and I absolutely can't live without it.  For example, these first
two books were from a thrift store; however I kept only one of them to read.  The other was falling apart and it's currently being used in an art project.
'Paperweight' by Stephen Fry is one that didn't immediately catch my eye with the photo on the cover.  After all it's of a bulldog (not the most attractive breed of dog); but it's the man himself who makes me laugh.  So, I picked that one up from the shelves.
Then, I found a hard cover Tom Clancy book where the pages were coming out of it.  This was hard to find, simply because I didn't want to destroy a perfectly good book for art's sack.  I wanted a book that was already on the way to the rubbish bin... and this Tom Clancy was already there.  So, I bought these two for about a dollar.
The third book was purchased at 'Archive's on Charlotte Street in Brisbane City for around $7.00 or so.  I'm beginning to get good at the piano.  But I really needed something that worked my left hand more than my right hand; and blues and boogie does just that.  So, I found a beginners guide to blues and boogie.  It's hard, but I'm enjoying the challenge.  The best thing is that I can already read music; so I'm halfway there with this.

So, what have you bought this month that you just couldn't live without?  Let us know.  Or if you were good like me, let us into what you're planning on reading next.

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