Monday, April 26, 2010

April Book Buys 2010!

I didn't really buy much this month; but that's because I'm trying to cut back on my spending on books.  So, this month - like last month - I've only splurged on a couple of books.

The first one is 'Edgar Allan Poe: Complete and Unabridged'.  These are his stories all in one beautiful volume with a built-in bookmark!  I loved this one from the moment I saw it on the tables at QBD.  And I found it was worth the price; as I've always loved 'The Telltale Heart' as the most haunting story and 'The Raven' as the most brilliant poem of all time.

The second one caught my eye as a very heavy and weirdly published one.  I tried to peruse it in the store, but found it difficult as the writing went one way on one page, then the other on the same page.  So, for $1.00, I bought 'Only Revolutions' by Marck Z. Danielewski.  I'll let you know how I go with this one as it was a real puzzler to figure out in the shop and I found it in the bargain box.

So, they are my two books for this month.  Stay tuned next month for my purchases.  You never know what I'm going to get in to add to my collection.


  1. It'll probably be sometime next month or later before I buy anything myself. As it stands right now, I have one book I'm currently reading (which previously belonged to a relative who is no longer with us) and two others on my TBR list. If I don't get through the list before the summer, I'll take one of my books with me when I go out of town. If I do, I may buy a book or two in my hometown and/or buy some at a flea market near where I'm staying.

  2. You know it's funny, I never know when I'm going to buy a book. I've tried to avoid bookstores; and failed miserably. So, whenever I'm near one, I'll go in and have a quick look around; but it never means I'll buy something. And when I do, I always wonder where in the heck I'll put it in the overcrowded bookcases I have in my office (as I don't wish for them to take over the entire house; just this one room. It's a type of control I'm trying out and so far it's working).
    As far as trying to keep my purchases to a minimum, well I'm happy to say that I keep to splurges to Christmas and my birthday (October 5th) and that's it. I don't buy more than necessary; otherwise, I do have around 500 books that are just sitting here waiting for me to pick up and read... or they're just collector's items I have accumulated over time and can't bring myself to part with.

  3. That Edgar Allan Poe book looks absolutely stunning! I want one!

  4. @ Bethany: There's 27 stories and poems in this book; so it's massive book of his work! I can't wait to get into it myself! :D