Saturday, April 24, 2010

Every Girl's Life Guide by Miriam Stoppard

I remember receiving this book when I was around sixteen years of age.  It was of great help to me as my parents are Baby-Boomers and were brought up to not talk about anything to do with going through puberty or growing up with their kids; as their parents hadn't really done it with them.  It had been a taboo subject in their time.  And seeing I was borrowing this book from our local library constantly, they thought the next best thing for me (and the library) was if I had my own copy.  
I found this book a fountain of knowledge.  If I couldn't ask or talk to my parents about a certain thing, I could look it up in this book.  However, if I couldn't find it in here, there was always the library I could go to find and read up on anything I needed to know.  

The one small problem with this book is that it is out of print now; and I have searched everywhere for it.  You can find it on Amazon and e-bay, however not many bookstores will carry it unless you're in the UK.  Also, if you can lay your hands on a copy, it won't be this particular one as this one is a first edition and it was only reprinted maybe twice more and then stopped.  I'm not sure why; but it would be interesting to find out.
Miriam Stoppard now concentrates her publications on pregnancy and caring for your new baby.  But she is still working as a very famous and well-known doctor and author in her field.  I've put the link to her official site on the side bar.  And seeing I can't really find anything about her life, I can't really write anything about her here.

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