Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway

In amongst the books I purchased while on holidays at Brunswick Heads and around the Northern Rivers Area of New South Wales, I found this wonderful second edition of 'Old Man and the Sea' in The Book Barn at Mullumbimby.  

Mullumbimby is a medium-sized inland town where all kinds of people reside.  It's very pretty and  green and I love going there as it brings out the hippy in everyone... and I absolutely love going on the hunt for books in the old bank which is now called 'The Book Barn'.  

This edition wasn't really hiding in the bookstore, it was sitting on the shelf along with other collector's editions in its own room.  Yes, the owner of this store has been good enough to his customers that he has sorted out the classics from fantasy from the collectibles.  And this is exactly where I found this little gem and paid a neat sum of $14.00 for it.  Currently, I'm trying to find out what it is worth on the marketplace and will tell you all how much it is worth soon.

I haven't read this book as yet.  But I do remember it being offered up in high school; and I never got the chance to read it.  And all these years later, I have always wanted to read some edition of this book; never did I think I'd ever read this quality of book - especially a second edition!


  1. I love your edition! It is beautiful!

    Downtown Detroit (the non-scary part) has a wonderful used bookstore and I find gems every time I go. I LOVE stores like that-it is always amazing what you can find.

    I hope you enjoy this one! I read it way back in oct/nov and LOVED it. It is a powerful little novel!

  2. The most wonderful thing about this book - compared to the one we had in high school - is that it's beautifully illustrated. And seeing it was printed in 1953, I'm not surprised.

    I do have a lot of books that are first or second editions and others that are Gallery Copies and thought to add them into the postings, Allie, to show that they are out there for anyone to pick up. And the funny thing is that I'll find Gallery Copies (or ARC copies) in charity stores.