Monday, April 12, 2010

Out and About In Brisbane

Yesterday, I was out with my family and we had lunch and stuffed around on the net playing around a bit, then headed into the West End area of Brisbane.  This a cultural melting pot of the city where there's pubs, clubs cafe's, art galleries, shops and little places of all kinds that fill up the area which is mostly heritage listed but the poor and rich live side-by-side.  It's a mecca of the beautiful and the ugly that survives together because it can... and it always has.
While I was there, I watched my brother's band play and Mum, Dad and I wandered down Boundary Street to get some photos of the area as the sun went down.  Mum and I are mad on books and book stores.  And we found one bookstore that was near the Mater Hospital (and I've forgotten the name of; but will visit there and give you an update of it soon as it's near a major bus station); and the other was called Avid Reader.  This book store was jam packed with books and was unfortunately closed... however, I wanted to come back when it was open, and so did Mum.  However, I'll put its link on the sidebar in case you're all interested in it and in here too.


  1. If you keep walking uphill from Avid Reader, on the same side of Boundary street is "Bent Books" a 2nd hand bookshop which is packed full of books.

    Was it Clarence Corner Bookshop near the mater maybe? In Stanley st?

  2. My brother told me about 'Bent Books', but we didn't get that far. And yeah, that's the bookstore we saw near the Mater Hospital. I didn't remember it well because we were driving past it; and not walking past.

    Thanks for that.:D

  3. After I finished this post, I e-mailed Avid Reader bookstore and let them know about my blog and that I had plugged their shop. A day or so later, I received an e-mail back thanking me and saying that they love this blog.

    How great's that? I'm definitely going back there! I'm also going to see if I can get myself to 'Bent Books' which is also on the same street but a bit further up.