Monday, August 30, 2010

August Book Buys!

Well, it's been a relatively plain ol' month of me buying things this month; but also a month of buying a brand new book too!  What a great thing that is!  I had been eying off a book for a long time; and finally, I bought it at the more expensive price!  Yay!
Now, I only bought three books this month; but they were well worth forking out the money for.  And I only bought them because I want to read them at some point.
The first book I purchased was 'The Lost Diary of Don Juan' by James Carlton Brams.  It's a look at the man behind the myth of Don Juan and how the name became so famous throughout history and the world.  I've yet to read it, but I do have it on my Mt To Be Read.
The next book was purchased a few days after the first (on 8th, August) and it is 'The Brain That Changes Itself' by Norman Doidge, MD.  This book was turned into a television series that interested me greatly.  It's about how people with average intelligence - or other things mentally wrong with them - can form new pathways in their brains and learn new things.  It's called Neuroplasicity; and it's something that's been working for some time now for a lot of people with disabilities ranging from Autism to Stroke Victims; and it works.  When I saw the book on the shelves, I wanted and bought it with a book voucher; and now I'm reading it.  Very interesting stuff!
The third book is something I'm absolutely obsessed with:  being left-handed.  It's titled: 'The Left-Handed History of the World' by Ed Wright.  It's about the people throughout history who have been known left-handers and have change the world in some way.  It's a very interesting book; and I look forward to reading it soon.

So, there you have it.  My book purchases for this month!  Until next month's book purchases, I hope you keep reading as much as I am.  I'll be back doing more reviews soon; my reading schedule has been a little slow for a few weeks as I've been busy with another project.  Once that's finished, I'll be back doing what I love best.


  1. The book about the brain changing itself sounds really interesting. Our bodies can heal themselves to some degree - wouldn't it be great if our brain could heal itself or learn to respond differently to adjust to life's traumas. And I always like reading books like the last one you mentioned...about left handers who made some impact on the world. Sounds like some good reading ahead!

  2. Carolyn: I'm a self-taught person and when a book like the second one comes on the market, I like to get my nose into it to see if the people they have reported on have similar - if not the same - problems I had when I was growing up (I wasn't the smartest person in school; and so teaching myself through books seemed to be the right thing to do).
    And the book on left-handers was something that jumped out at me at the Book Warehouse. I was thrilled to have found it. Truthfully, Mum and I were looking at finding a gift for my niece at the time when I stumbled upon it.

  3. Lynda - I meant to ask - what is a book voucher? I don't read as much during the summer - I'm too busy outside. During the winter, especially after Christmas, I put my reading glasses on and READ! My husband, on the other hand, reads every day. He has kept a list of his books on his computer for several years - I wonder how many he has read over the last 5 years. Do you know how many you have read over the last 5 years? I don't keep a list - guess I should. We're trying to encourage our grandson to keep a list. Wish I had when I was younger.

  4. Carolyn, I have always kept a list of books in a sort of notebook so I know which ones I've read (and which ones I know I won't read again). The numbers are on the sidebar to the right that I've read over the years... and since 2001, the number of books have grown! I'm so happy when the number of books I read gets over 10; it means I'm doing something right. :D