Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back On My Feet!

I'm back on my reading feet again... there's no more headaches!   Yay!  Last night was the first time I could read without thinking my head was going to explode; actually, last night was the first time in three days I had cracked open 'Cloud Atlas'... so I had some catching up to do!  And I did some of it just before turning out the light and promptly crashing blissfully into a wonderful nights' sleep.
My chiropractor told me yesterday - when I paid him a visit - that the bone at the base of my skull that supports it (the neck bit that is) was pushing on my skull in such a way that I would have had symptoms of dizziness, nausea and a thumping headache; which I did.  So, once he fixed that, I was relieved of the most of the pain.  And this morning, I woke to a lovely, bright day where my eyes didn't hurt, I was starving like you wouldn't believe and I didn't feel like I had a constant hangover.
And today, I've been on the computer since around 9:30am and there's been no problems with the glare... wonderful!  So, I thought to let you guys know, I'm getting back into reading faster and more books now I'm feeling better.


  1. I think I need to see your chiropractor, but the thought of any realigning kind of makes my tummy hurl (and it's doing enough of that as it is).

    Glad to hear you're better though Mozette. :) Say 'hi' to Loey for me please. xxxxx

  2. Oh, I thought the same thing about them when I first began going to them... until I found out the great benefits of what they can do. And now, if I find that I get headaches for no reason or I'm feeling sick and I'm not sick, well, it off to see him and he lines my back up again.

    Honestly, I have *the* worst posture in the world!

    Loey and I are both on Facebook now... PM and me and I'll let you know under which names.

  3. Good to see that you got to get some reading done. (Sorry to hear about those health problems you were having.)

    I hadn't gotten to do much reading myself this summer as I ran out of reading material in June. But as of yesterday, I have been able to access some books that I had bought prior to going out of town to babysit my nephew.

  4. Hehe - I'm no longer on Facebook. I deleted the account ages ago and unless I'm forced to for working reasons - I won't be going back to it (I never liked it in the first place. I just succumbed to pressure...and not the good chiropractic kind...allegedly).

    Glad to hear you're feeling well though. I know where you're coming from reading wise - I've tried, but for some reason - books just aren't holding me very well. *shrugs* Anyways - it's so good to hear you're AOK. xxxxx

    PS: I know it's early, but are you and you mum coming back to the Bruns for Xmas? Let me know, and maybe we can meet up again (or I could come to you - I haven't been to Brusnwick in ages). xxx

  5. Oh! Miss Manda, we always come to Bruns for Christmas. When the time gets closer, I'll let you know the dates when I'll be down there with Little Miss Stevie and the family and we can organise another meet-up. :D

    Mum had so much fun last time! :D