Monday, August 16, 2010

Night Owl Sessions

I do love getting my nose into a good book; but then, don't we all?  For me, the best time is before bed or in the afternoons just before the kids come home from school (here in Australia, that's around 3pm).

I find that reading at night is something that relaxes me and I can enjoy the activity of reading more than I do in the daytime where noises and people being around are the main distractions.  At night, there's not really all that much to distract me from the pages and I enjoy a book more; so thus I'm a night owl when I really need to get into a book or when I do want to get through a book for the sheer pleasure of it.
But my night-time sessions can go until really late and I forget to look at my watch to turn out the light.  Last night, was one of those nights with 'Cloud Atlas' where I was planning on getting to bed at a good reasonable hour and hoped to read just a little bit, however the book turned out to be better than I thought.
I began reading at 10:50pm and the next time I looked at my watch, it was midnight!  Wow!  Where'd that time go?  The best thing about that was the storyline just pulled me along and I loved where it was going.
And since I have so many books to get my nose into - and these are books that I will be reviewing in the future for you all - I do try and keep my reading as varied as possible.  But I am becoming a fan of David Mitchell's as I get further into 'Cloud Atlas'.  

So, what time of the day do you read better?  Are you daytime reader?  Do you read over lunch or afternoon tea? Or are you like me and burn the midnight oil; reading when everyone else in the house is sound asleep?

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