Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free Books!

Today was a wonderful day for me.  Now, you all know that I have a reasonable collection of books - okay about 500 or so, but I don't really know how many - and so to find more books would be adding to the collection and making me find more space for it.
Well, while I was walking to the bus stop to do my usual fortnightly shop, I passed a house that had a few bags of thing out next to the letterbox.  Now, these bags have been there for the last few days; and I've noticed a few of them have been growing legs of late.  I didn't take much notice of them (mainly because they're baby's clothes and I don't have children or know anyone who have children that young) until I saw one bag flap at me and I noticed it was a book cover.  Well!  I turned around walked back and found the whole bag was full of Vampire Romance, old-fashioned romance and chick-lit!  What a find!  There's 18 books in all and I didn't have pay a thing for them... I brought them home with me before going to the bus stop (yeah, I was running very early this morning) and am very happy with my find!  Now I have my Spring and Summer reading covered well and truly!


  1. Haha! That is an EXCELLENT find! Good effort :]

  2. how awesome!! I love how things you put out the front grow legs, I once put an old computer (that didn't work) out on our verge for the yearly council pick up and by the time I had put it down, gone back inside and collected a few more things to add to the pile it was gone! So funny.

  3. What a great surprise for you! I don't care for vampire type books - but the romance and chic lit is great. Now, when your done, be sure to donate them to your local library and bless someone else.

    I'm a new follower from bookblogs, thought it was time I started checking out some new bloggers. =D

    Could you donate those baby clothes to your local homeless mission or a charity?

    Tina "The Book Lady"

  4. Tina: I'm always giving my pre-loved things to charities. Actually, I'm on and when it comes to cleaning out my shelves, I have massive giveaways on there every time.
    After each Christmas, I do out my wardrobe and give my unwanted clothes to the Salvation Army or Life Line and then somebody else can use them. And I also buy my clothes from those places too as I can't afford brand new things on my pension.
    So, it's a complete circle when it comes to my life. :D