Friday, March 25, 2011

March Book Buys!

Well, I had a really big splurge this month; and it was great to a point, but really, I should be saving up for what I'm aiming for - and overseas trip.  And splurging on books is something I promised I would try and hold back on this year... I didn't last very long did I?
My first purchase was a great classic of 'Catch-22' by Joseph Heller.  I bought this one at Bent Books in West End and it was a real bargain for $12.00.  The place is most certainly on my must-see-again list... and I will go back there to see it again.
My next purchase was 'Christine' by Stephen King.  I had a copy of this book, but my brother borrowed it and he lent it to somebody else and they lent it to another; and well, we all know how it ends up... the book took a walk into the fog of being lost.  But it doesn't bother me when this happens, I know I can always find another copy; like this one for around $7.00.
Then, Borders and Angus & Robertson had their closing down sale last weekend!  And what a sale!  It was at Garden City at Mount Gravatt; and Mum took me along to pick up a book.  I was going to watch the polite melee of people picking and choosing amongst the books and I became one of the customers as I picked out a great lot of books.  I found 'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind, 'Blockade Billy' by Stephen King, 'The Evolutionary Void' by Peter F. Hamilton (which was a gift from Mum actually) and a 'Will Kit' too as well as 'Australia's Writers and Poets' by John Miller.  I bought five of these books for around $24.00; 75% off... not bad for brand new books.
In the last week, I was at the Book Warehouse at Arndale in Springwood, Logan City, and found a good lot of books.  I bought 'Sons and Lovers' by D H Lawrence and 'You Are Here' by Christopher Potter.  This book is about the universe and how it came to be from the Big Bang in the most basic of terms for us people who have loved the stars and galaxies, but don't have a clue about physics.
And just today, I bought a book from the same place on my way through titled 'Mary Poppins She Wrote: The Life of P.I. Travers' by Valerie Lawson.  This is a book about the woman who wrote Mary Poppins; and it covers a lot of travel and people and has two lots of photographs in the centre too.  
So, as you can see, I well and truly fell off the book wagon.  Next month, I'll be better controlled and doing more reviews and less purchasing (fingers crossed!).  Until my next post, happy reading.

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  1. I think my mom and stepdad (who I live with) have a copy of "Christine" in a built-in bookcase in the living room.

    I ran out of books to read for Bookcrossing/my reading blog since January. Unfortunately, due to an exceptional amount of snow during the first part of February followed by a family emergency (which still has yet to be resolved) calling me out of town as of the weekend before Valentine's Day, I haven't really been in a position to buy more books. I'm hoping that will change within the first week or two of April.