Friday, June 29, 2012

June Book Buys!

It's been a busy week - and month - for me in the book arena.  I've been reading books, obtaining books, buying books and showing off my books... and that's a lot for anyone!
This month, I've been very bad in my habits and bought up books when I should have left them well-enough alone.  However, I guess that's what happens when you just can't help yourself when you see something you've been looking for and want to read it.  And these books are books I've wanted to read for a long time; have bought just because they were there to own.
'How Long Is A Piece of String' by Rob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham explain to the ordinary person why things happen in plain English.  I have yet to read this book, but I do enjoy books that are like this; and do look forward to the other two books advertised on the back.  I bought this on 1, June at the Book Warehouse at Arndale, Springwood.
'The Wind Through the Keyhole' by Stephen King was bought from QBD Garden City for around $23.00 - a full $10 off the full price; and when I saw it was a Dark Tower Series book, I couldn't pass it up!  So, into my shopping bag it went! 
'He's Just Not Into You' by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo, 'Temple' by Matthew Reilly, 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' by Louis de Bernieres, 'Sally's Story' by Sally Morgan (a children's edition of 'My Place' by the same author), 'Roget's Thesaurus of Synonyms & Antonyms' printed 1972, 'SF Collection' by various authors were all bought at the Thrift Store down the road from me on 26,June for around $4.00!  What a steal!  
I have obtained some books from my late Uncle Allan's estate; which are lovely.  There's poetry books, sci-fi fantasy books and a very old book of verse by an Islamic Cleric who wrote love poetry (how wonderful is that?).  And I have the fortune of adding them to my collection.  
So, that's the additions to my book collection this month.  It's a lot more than it would be normally; but they are all books I look forward to getting into over time.  So, what have you purchased over the last month?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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