Monday, June 18, 2012

Me & Her by Karen Tyrrell

Being a school teacher isn't easy; especially when so much is expected of you from the parents of some of the students.  Karen's life at school is hard, however when the parents of a couple of students begin to make her life so stressful she can't cope anymore, she finds that it begins to affect her personal life as well.  While on their way to a school reunion, her husband has to take her to a hospital because he finds she isn't making any sense to him.
However, by the time they return, things seem fine; but they're not.  Nightmares haunt her while she sleeps and working at school with children who try to provoke her is really taking its toll.  So, Karen does the one thing she knows:  she runs away.  She packs a bag, pulls out all her money from an ATM and stays at a cheap hotel for a week where she thinks she's okay.  This is until the police find her and take her to a hospital for her own good.

This book is an amazing journey through a serious medical and personal hell one of my friends went through.  It's hard to talk about mental illness and even harder to write about it.  However, Karen Tyrell has done it in this brilliant book.  I found it a tough read and haven't been able to finish it as it's something I can't really handle.  I will keep the book and try to read it at a later date,though.  This is well worth a read; and is available on Amazon as well as in e-book form too.


  1. Thanks Lynda for your brilliant Review of Me and Her Hope you get the chance to finish it one day. It has a happy ending, I promise!... Karen :)

    1. You're most welcome, Karen. I did get about halfway through it, however after my Uncle passed away I found it hard to read anything serious and non-fiction. So, I've left the bookmark in it so I can pick up from around the same place I was before. :)

  2. Hi Lynda, Sorry to hear about your uncle.
    When the time's right, I'm sure you'll return to solve the mysteries and answer the questions ... Karen :)