Friday, June 15, 2012

My Nose Between the Pages

Over the last week, I've been working on cooking different kinds of hot breakfasts.  So, I've been leafing through cookbooks; and don't ya love doing that in Winter?  Looking for new things to cook to keep your stomach from grumbling in the mornings?  Well!  I made myself some delicious pancakes from Annette Sims' cookbook: 'Simply Too Good To Be True!' and they turned out beautiful!  Such a pity I misplaced the maple syrup I bought last week!  They were delicious nonetheless!
Then, on the afternoon I cooked the pancakes (and after I cleaned up the mess from them; which never seemed to end!), I settled into my lounge with a plunger coffee and some home-made cake and my feet up on the coffee table began reading 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King.  This is the first book of The Dark Tower Series.  I haven't really wanted to read any of this series, but in the last week, I looked at how many I had in it and found that I had 70% of the series in my possession.  So, I thought: 'Why not!' and sat down and began reading the first book! And it's fantastic... I'm reading around 30 - 40 pages in each two-hour sitting; and for me that's a lot!
So, what are you getting your nose into lately?  A great book or series?  Or have you got a reading slump (like I did earlier this year)?  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Homemade pancakes, syrup, books, and your feet up on a chair...I love this cozy image!

    1. Hahahaaa... thanks. I do love pancakes when they're home-made and there's nothing like it when you take the time to pour the good ol' maple syrup over them too! :D

      And what's better than to finish the day off than a great book by a great author? SK is a fantastic story-teller... and I hope to be able to track down the other three or four books I need to read the rest of the series over time. :)