Sunday, August 12, 2012

Borrowed not Bought

I'm here at home, bored out of my head from not being able to jump online whenever I want to.  However, I've found plenty of time to be be able to work on other things while I've had the spare time to myself... like other stories that have been put on hold, cleaning out the office, which looks very much like a teenager's bedroom right now (honestly it does, but it has way more books!) and I'm also reading more too.  
I've borrowed Mum's laptop to do my internet surfing and a very way of surfing the net.  She had paid for a dongle (is that how you spell it?), a little thing that plugs into the laptop which gives me a certain amount of money to play with for the internet.  But I tell ya, it's very, very slow.  And I'm used to something that's much faster.  
My computer gave up the ghost completely on Monday or Tuesday after it gave me all my photos - except this years (how crazy is that?) and I pulled over the whole folder of 'My Pictures' so it should have been on there.  But I have been working on doing things here.  The garden has been photographed, the fish tank has been arranged and rearranged (and the fish don't like that) and I'm working on two other art projects I've had planned and on hold since the beginning of the year.  But really, I can't wait to get back online and be here more permanently with a new computer tower...  until my next post, happy reading!

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