Monday, August 20, 2012


Over the last month, I've had big problems with my computer - it bit the dust in a big way.  It runs, but nothing shows on the screen; so it's time for a new one.  However, we must get this year's photos off the hard drive first (there's nothing wrong with it, we just can't see what's on the screen).  
Anyway, seeing I've had time on my hands, I've been cleaning up the office bit by bit to make it look more like a place of work and pleasure and less like a junk room where I dump things.  I was planning on doing this either just after the Home Festival this weekend or over Christmas, however, when I'd have more time on my hands.  But it seems the best laid plans never work to our timelines, right?
I currently have the air-conditioner running fresh air through the room and have sprayed Glen-20 air freshener around the place to get rid of any air-borne germs hanging around.  I've also gone through my massive Mt Everest To-Be-Read and put aside a few sci-fi books for a book bag to be given away, while other books I've sorted out and boxed up for a garage sale from my late Uncle's estate.  Some of them will be Bookcrossing books (so let's hope people will be journalling them).  
Late last night, I grabbed a Pledge Duster head and wiped up all the dust I could see under the old tower, around my monitor and on the desk - and wow! - was there a lot of dust!  I'm amazed how much of the stuff gets in and settles when everything is left alone.  Today, I folded up the blanket I have there for Winter and then took a few photos for you guys to have a look at.  
You see, I've bagged anything on the floor in Green Bags so I know what I need to go through and then I put all my handbags on hooks and shelved any books sitting on the floor.  And doesn't the room look better than before?  All it needs now is the new computer and I'll be back at my work station again!  How cool is that?  Well, until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Computer melt-downs are the worst. I had to get a new computer for the same reason about four months ago.

    1. Dad brought over my late-Uncle's computer last night (as nobody wanted it but it's a good one). He spent 3 hours getting rid of unwanted programs and files on it and there's still lots of stuff he saved off the net on it. So, today - and this week - I'll be working through them to delete them.
      Then, after that, I'll getting a 'Super Geek' (a mobile computer IT company who comes to your house to work on your computer) to help me out with programming and my old hard drive (as there's files on it I need moved over) and to get my modem talking to my computer (it's a complex modem). Phew! I think that's all... I don't mind the work, so long the computer works. :)