Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indie Publishing Vs Big Time Publishing

There's a war being waged in the publishing world.  This war is between the big publishers and the self-publishers - or better known as the Indie Publishers.  Being a writer myself, and having spent a good part of my life trying to get published in some way, unsuccessfully, I have found it's the Indie Publishing that I may have to have a look at eventually.
I have been writing seriously since I was 15 years old.  However, no publisher would take my manuscripts as they weren't solicited or proofread and edited to their specifications.  No matter how much I tried to please them, none of them wanted me on their lists to be published.  And finding an agent was twice as hard here in Australia; as I began my search for one in my late 20's and failed to find one who wasn't having problems in some way.  I called these problems The Three D's... Divorce, Debt or Desertion.  There was another 'D'... Death.  Some of them loved working as an agent, but it didn't like them and their health suffered badly.  
However, once I had a bad run-in with a literary agent who thought she could treat me like crap, I gave up (and this was when I also met Wilbur Smith.  He was amazed at how badly she had treated me that day).  I swore off agents and just thought that maybe I wasn't meant to get my name on the cover of a book and in any bookstore anywhere.  This was in 2004.
Then, online publishing came into play and I jumped in with both feet!  What a great boon!  E-books were next; not that I love to have one, but to have one published would be different.  I have been published on Bibliotastic as of last year in December.  My book too about 3 months to pull together from editing, proofreading and getting the cover art right... and I have had hundreds of people download it and read it.  
But I do have a variety of big time published authors as well as the indie/self-published books in my collection.  They have a number of differences between, but the quality of writing is just as good as each other.  I do enjoy reading either one.  So, which one do you enjoy?  Until my next post, happy reading. 

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