Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Book Buys!

This month, I found myself looking around for new things to read; and what I found were some great books!  Unfortunately, I wanted to buy out the whole bookstores they were in!  But then, don't we all have months like this?  Of course we do. 
To start with, I went well for the first week or so this month; until Valentine's Day.  I had to go to the doctors and they were running late.  So, off to The Book Warehouse I went, but I found it was closed.  Thinking it had gone bust - and feeling very sad about it - I walked into Sam's Warehouse and found two books I was happy with: 'Limitless' by Alan Glynn and 'The Lost Guide to Life and Love' by Sharon Griffiths.  After I came out of this place, I found I had been wrong about The Book Warehouse; they closed up for lunch.  So, I walked in and found a couple of books that looked great!  And they were:  'Two Lives' by Vikram Seth and a gardening journal (the latter I bought for my brother and his fiance as they have just bought their first house and they have a garden filled to the brim with plants of all kinds.

After Valentine's Day, I thought my book buying was over.  I settled in and kept reading what I was reading next to my bed and didn't have a want for anything.  That was until I was back at Mum and Dad's place and I started flicking through iTunes for a free book - a good, thick, long-term read; something of a famous, classic author who I've been wanting to read, but have put off because they were in the 'too hard basket'.  So, I looked up 'Anna Karenina' by Leo Tolstoy.  This 4,500 page monster of a book was free and I downloaded it onto my iPod; and little by little, I've been getting into this brilliant book.  I'm currently up to Chapter 8 of Part 1; and I'm totally hooked!

Then today, I was out at Garden City - instead of grocery shopping.  I had to swap around my shopping day for a personal reason and so I did.  While I was up at Garden City, I took my QBD Gift Certificate with me to see if I could get a pen or something different; instead of book.  However, I couldn't, so I hunted around at the books on the discounted tables and found two that were of my taste'Lennon: The Definitive Life' by Tim Riley and 'Vegetarian: Bible 2'.  I love John Lennon and I'm a vegetarian... so these two books are great finds for me.  I also found a brilliant book in the isles for only $6.99 'Nelson Mandela: the authorised book of quotations' by Himself.  I have always admired Nelson Mandela as a great man, leader and a hero amongst people of his time and this time.  He is a brilliant thinker and a very wise person and should never have been punished the way he was.  I have always wanted to know more about him; and so I have a book of his here in my collection, and now I have a book of his quotations I can carry with me - as it's quite a thin book.  How cool is that? 

Well, that's my book buying this month.  I hope next month I'm better behaved and in better control of my spending habits.  Until my next post, happy reading!   


  1. Well, I wasn't planning to buy any books this month because I have sooooo many books waiting to be read by yours truly.... But our local Friends of the Library Used Bookstore was having a sales so I walked away with a total of 9 hardback books!

    The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon & Imagine by Jonah Lehrer are two of the highlights. :-)

    1. Oh! Nice catches, if I do say so... very nice. :D

      I am looking forward to a time when I can get in some serious reading and try to stop buying so many books (yeah sure!). :P