Friday, February 15, 2013

Lunch With Ged Maybury

Last week, I was without my computer - as you all know - and so, I took off to my parents' house to use their internet.  While there, I chatted with steampunk writer, Ged Maybury, on Facebook and he suggested we have lunch.  You see, the day I arrived at my parents' house, I was given some horrible news about a sick friend of mine, and Ged wanted to cheer me up.  So, I accepted the lunch suggestion and we made a time and place to meet.

This was on a Wednesday, and I had a lot to do between then and Saturday, when we were having lunch.  On Thursday, Dad took me out to Bunnings and we picked up some potting mix and a lovely new pot to bury my little bird in.  On Friday, I had my parents over to help me with my bird's burial; which I found I couldn't do on my own.  
Then, Saturday arrived and I walked to Rocky's Bakehouse and Cafe and met Ged there for lunch.  

He was prompt and it was wonderful to meet up with him after such a long timeIt had been around 15 years since I last saw him, and he had spoken at the Logan Writers' Guild about how to write Young Adult Fiction for today's teens.  I remember the time clearly that we had booked out a meeting room at the Logan North Library at the IKEA Centre (before both of these places moved) and then afterwards, the LWG invited Ged for afternoon tea at The Coffee Club at Springwood (the only place that hasn't moved in all this time).  He remembers attending the talk for the Guild and said it was good I remembered him so well after all this time.
We had a lovely lunch at Rocky's Bakehouse while we chatted and laughed over authors, agents and publications and our own writing.  Then, I offered to show him some of my book collection and he accepted; as he had been hinting at wanting to see some of my first editions while we spoke on Facebook chat in the past.  We walked to my place and he loved how the books are all here and enjoyed that I loved collecting more of them no matter what.  He was amazed at how I knew where each of my first editions were; as well as the signed ones too.  We kept swapping stories until it was time for him to pick up his kids from Browns Plains.  I walked him out to the front gates of my unit complex where we said our farewells before he walked off down to Rocky's again where he left his car. 

I had a great time, and he did too.  It's so good to connect with people who are also writers and have a love of the written language, isn't it?  Well, until my next post, happy reading!    

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