Friday, February 22, 2013

Gift Certificates

I have a gift certificate.  How cool is that?  Now, it's not an exact amount of money, and it's not over $20.  However, it's one where I've earned the money on it.  It's a QBD Bookstore Gift Certificate where I've become a member of it Book Club and have bought 10 books to accumulate a certain amount of money to spend on my 11th book.  Pretty cool, eh?

Now, usually, I know what to spend the money on.  However, this time, I'm stuck.  I have $17.83 and no idea what I'd like to buy.  I've looked on their site, but they don't advertise any of their pens or anything else that is usually not a book instore.  So, it looks like I'll have to go instore physically to see what I can buy there.  I might get myself a nice pen - a better one than my last one - with the money.

So, what do you do when you get a gift certificate from a bookstore?  Do you spend it immediately, or do you save it up and wait for the right book to come out to spend on itOr do you buy a few small purchases and make it worth your while?  Until my next post, happy reading! 


  1. It depends.... Sometimes, I'll use a gift card asap and other times not for awhile. I currently have a gift card for Amazon that I received as a Valentine's Day gift. But I don't know what to buy with it at the moment. I have sooooo many books to read at the moment that I can't imagine buying another one at the moment. Maybe, I'll use it to buy something other than a book. Scandalous, I know!

    1. You're the same as me right now... so many books and so much time to read them; and now you've got a book voucher, you don't quite know what to buy with the darned thing.

      I've made up my mind... I'll get a pen from QBD. :D