Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Terrible Minds Make for Great Reading

Being a writer is a great thingSometimes.  Yeah, it can be frustrating to no end when you want to write everything down and yet you don't have enough time, enough fingers, a faster brain or know exactly how to say what you want to say in the precisely the right way.  And yet, there are times, when you get yourself in just the right spot, at the right time of the day or night, in the zone, gleaming the cube and in the right mind-set to have your books take you where you want to be.

This is when your creative mind and muse play along well.  They are like two kids in a schoolyard who sometimes get along well if the conditions are right; but not all the time.  One of them is good for you, while the other can be bad for youAnd figuring out which is which is part of the game.  I still don't know which is which and I'm almost 40 years old; and yet I still love playing the games of creativity with them.

But I found a blog today where the creator pulls no punches, tells it as it is and will give any writer - no matter who you are - a good kick in the butt about your writing.  He uses the blunt, down-to-earth kind of language all writers love to see but their family cringe at; and yes, I must warn you all now, there's some of what he calls 'naughty words' involved... but I'm tellin' ya, it's worth it.

Chuck Wendig is well worth a look at.  I've subscribed to his blog on WordpressAnd if you're a writer who's claiming they have Writer's Block (but really you can't be bothered writing... you know who you are, stop hiding behind your cup of coffee there), this is the guy for you to read.  Until my next post, happy reading.  

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