Friday, April 12, 2013


Yep, Fifty-two... this is how many biographies and autobiographies I have now in my collection since I last wrote about how much I love them.  And yet, I don't read that many.  
It's a strange irony that I enjoy buying books on and about people and bands and yet, I don't read them.  I think it's a curiosity of having them in my bookcase to show I'm interested in them that keeps me buying books about them; that keeps me interested.  
However, I'm sure that even though I don't open the covers of the books, one day, I'll find the time to sit down and read a few of these books... I don't know when, but I will.  I have read a couple of them, though.  However it's not enough seeing that the collection of this particular section seems to keep on growing on me, and I'm quickly running out room on the shelf.  
Anyway, what books have you collected and yet to read?  And do you have plans to read them at some point - like I do?  Until my next post, happy reading!  


  1. I really enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies and memoirs...and the strange thing is, that I'll read them about people I have no idea who they are! :D

    1. I have a few like that... where the books are written about people I've never heard of; and yet they know a few famous people. :)