Monday, April 22, 2013

Ged Maybury's Book Launch

Yesterday, and over the weekend, was the Logan Arts Festival at the Kingston Butter Factory.  However, I only arrived there for the afternoon yesterday to do a speech for Ged Maybury and it finished up for this year.  

I wish I could have spent more time this year than I did.  But I had a family get-together for the first year that marked the passing of my Uncle Allan from Prostate Cancer last year.  We all had brunch at The Coffee Club at Stones Corner and Mum, Dad and I made it to the Kingston Butter Factory by around 1:30pm.  We managed to have a good look around, grab a coffee and enjoy some great live music while we were there.
And I also touched base with The Logan Writers Group to let them know I had arrived for Ged Maybury's book launch - as I was to launch him and his book with a speech.  However, he hadn't arrived as yet, so this gave me time to sit and relax to take in a talk from the organisers of the whole event.  I enjoyed knowing exactly who was working so hard to have us artists heard.

However, soon enough, it was time for Ged and I to take the stage.  Beforehand, I called Mum and Dad to let them know it was about to happen and they showed up and I introduced them to Ged and Anna (Ged's wife) and soon, he and I were preparing the stage to do the book launch.  I nervously took the microphone from the spokeperson of our group and I found myself full of nerves and fumbling my way through my very organised speech... don't you just hate that!  Yeah, me too.
Well, I made it through and everyone laughed in the right places - especially when I said I was nervous - and finally, Ged had a giggle over my nerves too; as he was almost as nervous as me!  So, I guess they're catching.  Anyway, here's the photo album to the day.  I enjoyed myself... as did Ged, Anna and my folks. Until my next post, happy reading.

Logan Arts Festival 2013     


  1. Sounds like a good time!! I saw the link you shared on Bookcrossing of pictures for this event. It looked like everyone was having fun. :-)

    I just ordered a copy of 'Nosebleed' with Ged! I am looking forward to reading 'Nosebleed' based on your review. :-)

    1. it was a lot of fun! My speech was nerve-racking but I got through it. Mum and Dad were there and said it was great to have met Ged saying he's a real character.

      I'm so happy you've ordered a copy of 'Nosebleed' from Ged. He was thrilled that one of my followers - and friends - from overseas wanted a copy. :D