Saturday, April 20, 2013

Logan Arts Festival

The Logan Arts Festival is on this weekend from today - Saturday - to tomorrow.  It's a great weekend to be out and about around the Kingston Butter Factory Art Centre to see the who's who in the arts industry around Logan City.  And I'll be there launching Ged Maybury's new book 'Nosebleed' tomorrow afternoon at around 3pm or so.

So, if you'd like to have a good look at some very talented writers - or just to catch up with other artists as well - drop around to the Kingston Butter Factory next to Kingston Train Station.  It's sure to be a wonderful day out for the whole family as this place is not only an arts centre but also one of the historical sights around Logan.

The Kingston Butter Factory used to be used to produce butter for a good part of South East Queensland before demand became too much in the 1970's; and the place was shut down.  The Logan City Council refurbished it and it's now a museum, an arts centre and houses The Butterbox Theatre (which is rumoured around the theatrical community to be haunted... and believe me when I say, it is.  I've worked at the theatre and seen some strange stuff happen there I can't explain!).  This is a great place to visit even when it's not a grand event such as this; and it's free entry too. 
I can't wait until tomorrow to see the place and the whole festival.  I'll be also uploading photos of the event too for those of you who can't make it there for the day.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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