Thursday, October 10, 2013

My New Favourite Place to Read!

I have it!  It's absolute bliss!  It's a new favourite reading spot in my backyard; and it took me a long time to create!  
Over the last 4 months, I've been working on The Four Month Makeover in my home and garden and it's finally coming to an end very soon; so much so, I'm just adding on the finishing touches - well for now anyway.  Since July, I've had access to a car - my Mum's - and anyone who knows me offline, knows I haven't driven a car in over 10 years.  Now, before you guys all swear yourselves off the footpaths and the roads, I'm not that bad at driving... actually it all came back to me pretty darned quick!  And yes, I gotta say, there's more nuts, idjits and a.... umm.. I can't say that word here!  Well, you get the jist.
And just now, it's only 2 weeks from my folks returning from overseas, and my backyard has had a major makeover!  A lot of plants have been repotted, an outdoor setting has been thrown out (being replaced with a new one) and I've bought some statues, a garden mirror and I've had some fun with the front garden too.  However I've created a lovely new place to chill out and read while sipping on coffee, tea or Hank's Root Beer this Summer.. and boy is it heating up here Brisbane!  We've had some really hot days!
So, where is your favourite reading place when the weather warms up?  Seeing I've now created the ideal one in my backyard, I'm hoping to chill out under the trees and read in the afternoons there.  Oh!  And, of course, it's not good enough just telling you guys about this place, I must show you the lovely little haven I've created!  Until my next post, happy reading!

Outdoor Haven1 

Outdoor Haven2 

Outdoor Haven3


  1. Nice backyard reading space/haven! I enjoy reading outdoors too and wish that we had a small space or backyard to create my own outdoor reading haven. We live in a condo and every outdoor space is public space with no privacy, which I find annoying really. Hence, we'll have to move to another place.

    1. It's never fun when you want to have a personal little bit of the pie to yourself - to read, relax and just be when everyone else in the complex wants to do the very same thing you're into doing in the same spot.

      I hope you guys do find that perfect place with your own personal peice of 'me' space/haven... just like I have. :D