Friday, October 4, 2013

What Star Wars Taught Us

Movies can teach us great things.  They can teach us that sharks have a really bad temper and can scared the crap out of us.  They can teach us that you can become the belle of the ball when the snob at a ballroom dancing studio gets into a car accident and hot guy you've wanted your whole life needs a partner; and he picks you!  Movies can teach us a lot about space too... like there's some really ugly aliens out there that can scare you horribly; and yes nobody in space can hear you scream.  And then, there's Star Wars... it's taught writers all kinds of things about writing.  As people who love to read, would you like to know about how writers get into their writing?  

Sure you do!

So, here's the list of 8 things that Star Wars taught writers about their craft.  I read it and thought it was great, funny and pretty true.  Until my next post, happy reading... and writing...!

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