Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Book Buys!

This month, I've been a bad, bad girl... really bad.  I bought books I wanted and really know I might not read.  And yes that's a bad thing - and a good thing too as they were book that were beautiful at the time and I wanted, but really I should not have bought.

Anyway, let's get on with this show:

Right at the beginning of this month, I wanted to buy something really special for myself.  I had a $12.00 K-Mart voucher from a refund from a few months ago, and thought to use it before it expired.  So, I drove up to Garden City and took my time with looking at new socks.  I badly needed a new pair of red socks; but they didn't have any.  They only had pink, grey and black.  Not really my favourite colours, so I left them alone and wandered around the place until I found what I wanted.  I bought two purple boxes, 'The Shining' and 'Doctor Sleep' by Stephen King.  Yes, I went out of my budget to get them, but it was well worth it.  These were bought on 2nd, October.
On 9th, October, I found 'The Pleasure of My Company' by Steve Martin.  Not only is this man an actor, but he also writes quite good mysteries; and I've yet to read some of his work... so I thought to start with this one.  And for $2.00 at Life Line, I knew it was a good deal.
On 16th, I found and early edition of 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron which was also found at Life Line; like the above book.  This is a book I've been looking for for Riley - my niece - and hoping she'd like for her artistic zone; for when she's stuck and she needs to clear her mind.  I've used my own copy a few times and found it great.  Now, she's got her own copy.
Then, on 18th, October, I drove over to 'The Really Good Book Store' where I walked around the place to find a birthday present for a friend of mine, and ended up finding two for two different people!  How cool is that?  I found 'Conversations With Myself' by Nelson Mandela and 'Inside Little Britian'.  The first book was for my Bookcrossing Birthday Buddy and the latter was for my brother as he loves the comedy duo Little Britian.  And for under $20, I scored well at this store!  
Just yesterday, I was out and about for a good part of the day; mainly running around talking to banks - of all places - to get my finances in place for The Creative Markets and organised for other things in my life (as I haven't really looked at my accounts for a while; and thought it was time to fix them up).  Well, I walked into 'The Book Warehouse' at Springwood here in Queensland and found out that they were closing down today!  I can hear you guys saying:  'No way!' I'm afraid to say: 'Yeppers!' by tonight, it'll be gone!  So, I looked around the store and found myself a nice little book to add to my collection titled 'Literati' by James Phelan for $4.99.  It'll be the last book I'll purchase from there - unless I find my way to Camp Hill sometime soon... um... I have no clue where that place is... but I guess there's always that great little store at Browns Plains I can get to:  'The Really Good Little Book Store' I can drop into instead.

So, what books have you purchased this month?  Did you need them?  Did you fit them into the budget?  Where they gifts or did you want them for yourself?  Do leave a comment and let us know.  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Yes, I purchased books this month! Eleven books in all. All of them were for me and fit into my budget. I bought most of the books at our local FOL Used Bookstore in town. The thing is that I don't need any more books to read right now. My bookshelves are over flowing as it is and so is my eReader with all of the free eBooks I've downloaded.

    Like you, I blog about my book finds. I try to do it weekly in the form of a book meme titled Friday Finds to share which books I've purchased... That's if I've purchased any books during that week.

    A a few of my notable book finds this month:

    1) The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King. Believe it or not I've never read anything my Stephen King. My grandmother read this book and loved it, so I purchased it in the unabridged audio format.

    2) The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling. I purchased the hardback edition for $2 at our FOL Used Bookstore and it is in good condition. The is the first book I've purchased by J. K. Rowling. I never did read any of her novels from the Harry Potter Series

    3. The Sherlockian by Graham Moore. I bought this with a Gift Certificate I received from our neighbor who knows I love to read.

    Amazon Product Review of The Sherlockian:

    "In December 1893, Sherlock Holmes-adoring Londoners eagerly opened their Strand magazines, anticipating the detective's next adventure, only to find the unthinkable: his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, had killed their hero off. London spiraled into mourning -- crowds sported black armbands in grief -- and railed against Conan Doyle as his assassin.

    Then in 1901, just as abruptly as Conan Doyle had "murdered" Holmes in "The Final Problem," he resurrected him. Though the writer kept detailed diaries of his days and work, Conan Doyle never explained this sudden change of heart. After his death, one of his journals from the interim period was discovered to be missing, and in the decades since, has never been found.

    Or has it?"

    1. Your book finds are great! I blog mine monthly because I don't buy enough in the week to write about them weekly... so there's the monthly book buys reason for you.

      'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon' is a brilliant book! Despite its small size, I loved it! It keeps you glued to the page. Actually I think I think I did a review on it here. Go to the search box on the side bar and type the title in and I'm sure it'll show up.

      You have a great collection of bought books there - especially the one of 'The Sherlockian'! Now you have me curious about it!