Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Decision Time!

I've made a decision... one that will change how I've been reading - or not reading - as there's been a lull in my reading at the moment; as well as my reviews.

I've had problems focusing and it's been taking up a good part of my year; and I hate it... but then, we all have this kind of problem once in a while, and mine is here to bug me.


Oh well, seeing I can't really do anything about it, I'm just going to cruise through my bout of non-focus and see how far I get through the unfinished books I have laying around my bed, then I'll let you know in due time (before Christmas) if I'm able to finish them, review them and tell you the basic plot of each one in their own private review.  Sounds good?  I thought so.  Now, that's not too unreasonable, as I think I haven't been too fair on your guys this year.

But right now, I'll let you in on what I've got my nose in on right now:  'The Wastelands' by Stephen King.  Yeah, I know, I know, I started that at the beginning of the year, but I came to a slow part and wanted to fight through it - seeing I have all 8 books of The Dark Tower Series, I didn't want to waste my money on them - and so I'm going to finish this one first and it's the one I'm the most way through.  

So, what books have you half-finished and promised to finish this year?  Mine are in next to my bed waiting with bookmarks in the pages... I'm looking forward to getting into them more; as well as the one on the sidebar too by Paul Dail... I'm up to a really brilliant part in 'The Imaginings' and - stupid me - I put it down promising myself that I'd get back to it.  Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. Well, I haven't promised to read any specific book titles this year, but I did set some reading goals earlier in the year... I'll have to check to see how I'm doing progress wise and update my blog later.

    However, I have noticed this year that I have little tolerance for books that do not capture my attention. I recently gave up reading The Light Between the Oceans by M. L. Stedman. I'd heard this book was so good and had started reading it as it was book club selection. It's slow and sad. So, quit reading it and am passing it along to another Bookcrosser here in the USA who had it on their wishlist.

    I can't tell you how many books I've started reading this year and gave up on after reading them for awhile... There are too many good books out there to be reading books that aren't interesting to me.

    1. How true that is! I'm working on other projects too in my life, so this is also another reason why I haven't been reading. I've been working and then crashing... working and crashing... reading has really fitted in to my schedule for a long time unfortunately. But soon, it will and I'll be happy again to have it a part of my holidays. :D