Sunday, November 17, 2013

Late Night Reading

Whenever I'm not working on my market stall and stock that's going to be sold in it next Sunday, and on my Facebook page of Crafty Pegs, I'm madly trying to keep my house clean... bills paid on time and other things around my house either put away or clean.

Otherwise, the only time I'm getting to read anything is when I'm in bed late at night or in a doctor's waiting room... yeah, pretty bare bones kinda stuff, isn't it?

But it's nice to read late at night when everyone else has gone to bed.  The unit complex is nice and quiet, it's dark outside and temperature is lovely and balmy with a sweet breeze filtering in through the window as the midnight thunderstorm grumbles overhead; shifting the lace of my curtain slightly.... and I have the reading lamp attached to my book and switched on just in case we lose power.

Most times, we don't lose it, but it's nice to know I'm ready for when - or if - we do.  And I usually get through around 20 pages or so in that one sitting in bed of 'The Wastelands' by Stephen King; which is pretty good when you think about it.  Tonight, I'll aim for more pages as I'm getting closer to the end of the book, so it's starting to pick up pace and show something of what's coming next soon... what it is?  I'm not sure, but I want to know.  And Sai King is just the right person to tell the story to us.  

So, what book has been keeping you coming back for more... even though it's slowed in the middle... and you've kept at it for the whole year?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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