Thursday, November 21, 2013

Summer Reading List

This Summer is going to be one very hot one; and with storms that have hit Queensland and Brisbane already, I'm sure the heat is only going to get worse as the weeks wear on.

However, I've chosen the books I want to read over the next three months or so; as I try to stay out of the boiling hot Summer sun as much as I can, and here they are:  'The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure' by James Redfield.  I've heard a lot about this book, people have been reading since it first came out and yet I've never heard anyone talk about it fully.  So, I'm going to see what the complete of unfussiness is about this book!  
'The Golden Notebook' by Doris Lessing.  I've had this book on my shelves for over a year now, and I've yet to read it.  Actually it's been on my Mt To Be Read for the last year, and I haven't picked it up.  So, in tribute to her, I'm going to see why people have been talking about this particular book for so long; and why it's caused so much contraversy over so many decades.
'Literati' by James Phelan.  Now, this is a book I picked up at 'The Book Warehouse's last day in Springwood.  I saw it and found the blurb interesting.  It's interviews of authors and of what they wanted of their writing careers, and if what has happened to them is exactly what they expected.  I think I'm going to be surprised with this book.  

So, what are you hoping to get read over this Christmas period from wherever you are in this world?  Are you going to be snowed in and curled up by the fire reading romances with a hot chocolate by your side? Or are you going to be by the beach, under a sprawling Jacandar Tree with a nice cool ice tea in your hand and book in the sea breezes of the afternoon?  Which books are you taking on your holiday, and which books are taking you on your holiday when you're stuck at home?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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