Saturday, November 30, 2013

What November Book Buys?

Yes, what book buys indeed!  I haven't bought any books this month; and this is something I'm proud of. 

Instead, I've been rummaging around in my collection looking for books to read over Summer, books that I thought I gave away and books I'm thinking of giving away as Christmas presents (yes, I'm that broke this year!).

So, let's see... I'm still reading 'The Wastelands' and am getting through it very quickly too.  I'm racing my brother actually, so it's been fun to see who finishes it first!  Me or him!  He's only bought up to book 5, when I've got up to book 8! 

Otherwise, I'm busily trying to finish up Fry Nelson. Now, I have written in note form what the ending is going to look like, but otherwise, that's it.  The whole ending is going to take some time... and it's going to finish with a real bang!  Well, I think it is by the look of the notes.

So, what have you been reading, writing, collecting and rummaging through - and also buying as Christmas pressies?  Love to know!  Until my next post, happy reading!

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