Monday, January 6, 2014

Favourite Bookstores

I love books and bookstores - as you all know.  However, I'm wondering if you have a favourite bookstore you enjoy treking back to again and again?  What makes you go back there?  Is it the idea of being able to sit in various places of the store in lovely little chairs and being able to read bits of the books you're thinking of buying?  Or is it the owners who are lovely, just as involved in their books, collections and obsession with authors as you are and they love to talk about their favourite books and titles as much as you do?  

For me, it's when you find a great bookstore and the owners love what they do, and they know exactly what you're looking for no matter how disorganised their store appears to be... they know where the book is!  I've only come across a couple of owners like this; and they are real gems when that happens. 

QBD Bookstores at Garden City are a great place to find a bargain, order in books you can't get anywhere and you don't have to go anywhere close to Brisbane City to get what you're looking for... and this bookstore has no competition in the place.  Well, it might soon, but not currently.

Folio's Books in the city is a very interesting bookstore.  This bookstore works on books that aren't around anymore, and they are about to be shredded to be recycled... now if you have a book in mind, and they can find it in that huge warehouse in Canada before it gets mulshed, you're on the right track!

Bent Books Bookstore is another bookstore to have a look at if you don't mind trekking into West End.  It's a truly original bookstore on Boundary Street and I love it!  Its colourful awning will attract you first and then the gorgeous books in the windows too!  Inside it's crammed chock full of books from wall to wall, ceiling to floor with books!  New, old, out of print, second-hand... whatever the deal is, this place has got it.

Archives Bookstore is the place to go if Folio's or Bent Books Bookstores can't help you.  This bookstore has been around for over 40 years and I've been haunting this place as much as the five ghosts have in the back building.  Yes, you read right, the place is haunted up to the gills.  It's next to one of big police stations where it's been said a couple of murders happened in the back alley and they were never solved!  So, the spirits can't rest.  Every time a few people who are little on the sensitive side enter the back building (which was renovated into a huge and beautiful reading room), they get bugged by a few - or all of the ghosts.  Not a nice feeling, I'm telling you!  

The Really Good Book Store is at Browns Plains, and it's so filled with books, it's just bursting at the seams!  It's not just a bookstore though, it's an old-fashioned book exchange!  Now, how cool is that?  Yes, I love these places as you get more bang for your buck in the reading stacks... and it's a lot more fun to bring in a nice book and be able to leave with three!  

I couldn't tell you which one is my absolute favourite as that would mean putting one or the others down.  I don't do any online store shopping, and so it's a matter of me actually going out to the stores phyically... which I love. 

So, what about you?  Do you love the musty smell and feel of a bookstore?  Or are you more comfy at home in you P.J's and ordering your books in front of your home computer on Amazon?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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  1. Well, I don't love the musty smell of old books, but like you, I do love books and bookstores too. I usually buy books from our local Friends of the Library Used Bookstore in town as it is close to my home and the proceeds support our library. I also buy books from and sometimes Barnes & Noble...

    I love visiting independent bookstores though,

    Chaucer's Bookstore & Granada Bookstore in Santa Barbara are fun. Granada books always has a lot of fun events.

    I also like Paperback Alley, a used bookstore in old town Goleta. The owner is wonderfully nice and helpful.

    Bart's Books in Ojai, CA is amazingly unique. It's an indoor/outdoor used bookstore with plenty of places to sit and enjoy looking for books or simply reading them.