Friday, January 17, 2014

Uh Oh! The Office Has Been Hit! Time to Organise Again!

Yep, I'm reorganising the office again... and you know what that means!  I'm going through my books to see what I'm keeping and what needs to be given away or passed onto family and friends to read.  

Sometimes I don't mind doing this, while other times it hurts to let go of books as they're such a physical thing in my life.  I spend so much time looking for the darned things only to end up getting rid of them for one reason or another.

Don't you hate that?

Yeah, me too.

Anyway, I have a huge pile of books where I've gone through them a dozen times and still won't give them away - even though common sense sayd I should.  And I think we all have a pile of those kinds of books.  
I mean, I have the 'sad'n'saggy' bookcase chock full of books... it's so weighed down that it's a metaphore in itself.  One more book and it's likely to fall down!  yeah, that's how heavy it is.  On that bookcase, I have a shelf for my Classics and a shelf for my Biographies and Autobiographies (both double-parked) and then, there's photo ablums and a few personal journals (most of those ones have been packed away in storage in another room).  Then, there's the huge pile of books on top of the bookcase that almost reaches the ceiling!  Yeah, I need a ladder to get to this to sort through this Mt Everest Pile of Reading Material... it's my Mt Everest To Be Read!  My Whale... my To-Do list of books.  And yet, there's never enough hours in a day or days in a year to read these books - nor do I wish to be rid of these wonderfully delicious items from my life.

So, is there a pile of books you love - or anything else for that matter - which you hoped to give away or sell - and yet you couldn't?  You know my weakness in my office (which I really should sift through and yet I can't) and now I wish to know yours.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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