Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Technology

As the years pass so very quickly, the new technology that has been offered to us is astounding!  I've noticed that my mobile phone has gone from something representing a house brick (which has the weight of one too) to something glass and metal where, if you touch the screen, you end up deleting half your contacts by accident - whoops!

However, it's not only our phones that have been upgraded so very quickly, it's also our computers.  I'm currently sitting at my desktop computer here at home, but when I was down the coast, I was using an Android Tablet to do my writing and my iPod to read books - as well real books I had brought with me.  So, most of the time, I was using a lot of technology to entertain myself.
The tablet is my late Uncle's tablet and it's got a lot of apps on it.  I've been doing jig-saw puzzles of fruit and gorgeous scenic photos of Asia and Canada on it, as well as downloading a writing app and a writer's prompt app as well.  It's been fun to just sit down and write what I've been working on and then play a couple of games on it before I went to bed at night, as almost everyone around place was doing the same thing on their tablets around the caravan park.

So, what kinds of technology do you have at your very fingertips that have made your life that much more easier?  Be it your smart phone or tablet, how much easier has your life become over the last 5 years?  For me, it's been the tablet... I can now show my photographs to friends on a bigger screen and take amazing photos too.  Until my next post, happy reading.

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